Stopping sexual harassment in the workplace

We don’t talk much about sexual harassment in the workplace, meanwhile studies from EU countries show that this phenomenon affects 40 to 50% of working girls and women! Sexual harassment is an unwanted behavior, not welcomed, of a sexual nature, which makes the person feel assaulted/ humiliated, and/or scared. SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE IS A VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS!


1. Do not blame yourself!

2. Say “NO” clearly and firmly!

3. Do not have unrealistic expectations about the reactions that others could/should have!

4. Find a way to express your concern!

5. Document every incident in detail and save all the evidence!

6. Document your performance at work and avoid every possible breach of rules or laws!

7. Make use of the existing complaints’ systems!

8. Report/Denounce to the police!

For more information read our brochure on sexual harassment in the workplace and educational institutions (brochure attached)

June 19, 2016