Albanian Women’s Empowerment Network in Albania is a non-profit organization, created in 2009.

Over the past years, AWEN has become one of the main actors together with civil society organizations in lobbying and advocating for women’s rights issues.

AWEN has implemented several projects aimed at empowering women and girls in Albania.

Currently AWEN and member organizations are implementing the programme “Protection and promotion of women’s rights in Albania”, supported by Sida – Swedish International Development Agency for the period January 2019 – December 2021. Sida is the leading supporter of AWEN and its member organisations, in our joint efforts for the protection and promotion of women’s rights as human rights. This 3-year programme aims to improve the position and situation of women human rights in Albania and is a continuation of the first program supported by Sida during 2016-2018, implemented by AWEN and its members.


Call for proposals

1st Call for Proposals on ‘Emerging advocacy issues related to the protection, promotion and respect of women human rights in Albania’ in the frame of the three-year programme 2019-2021 “Protection and promotion of women human rights in Albania”, financed by Sida- Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. Deadline for applications April 30, 2019, 17.00 hours. Download the application form Download the budget form Download the Call for proposal

Draft – Istanbul Convention Monitoring Report, AWEN

Report on the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in Albania

Terms of Reference- Short term assignment

Consultancy services for conducting a National Research Study Introduction The Albanian Women Empowerment Network (AWEN) works in the field of protection of human rights, in particular of the rights of women and girls. The main aim of this network is the social, economic, cultural and political empowerment of Albanian women. The network functions on the basis of a well-defined mission, a board of directors, six-monthly and yearly plans etc.The network consists of 9 organizations, which are located in all districts…

Terms of reference for external auditor and auditing company

Notification on the cancellation of the tender process for auditing of AWEN and members on a new opening of the tendering procedures, will be announced soon.

Renewed Competitive Tendering on the process of Auditing of the project: “Protection and Promotion of women rights in Albania” 2016 – 2018 supported by Sida- Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency


This is a brief report on the activities of AWEN during year 2016. Among others, there is information on the implementation of the programme “Protection and promotion of women’s rights in Albania” supported by Sida, with focus on key achievements of AWEN and it member organizations. Veprimtaria-e-AWEN-2016-Janar-2017-1-1.pdf Veprimtaria-e-AWEN-2017.pdf