Agritra Vision, Dibra

Agritra-Vision Centre – Peshkopi, is a non-governmental organization that has been operating in Diber region for 15 years, initially as a project of SNV (Netherlands Development Organization) and since 2001 operates as an independent organization.

In the beginning of its work Agritra-Vision, has provided training and support of rural women groups, mainly on issues related to agriculture activities which were unique services in the region. Based on this fact, Agritra-vision has expanded over the years its number of services being based on the needs of different groups in community and the ambition of the organization to respond to new developments.

The mission of the association is strengthening the social-economics position of women and girls in Diber through technical assistance and advice in agriculture, livestock, environment, tourism, social issues and promoting gender equality. Her vision is the empowering women to develop society.

Agritra-Vision objectives are: – to assist and advise rural women in Diber area on sectors of agriculture, livestock and agro-processing, – to encourage women to use the resources of the area for the development of tourism as an opportunity for economic empowerment of women, – to improve women’s knowledge on environmental protection and good management as an important factor for the wellbeing of the community, – to stimulate and support the organization (cooperation) of women in groups as an opportunity to increase their economic role in the family and community, – to improve the social position of rural women in Dibra through trainings and consultations on gender equality issue, – to increase centre’s capacities in accordance with the needs of the target group based in the changes during the development process in order to become a local capacity builder.