International Women's Day Protest

On March 8, 2022, as is customary every year, attention was drawn to the tireless efforts of women throughout history in their quest for rights and a dignified life for all women worldwide. Femicide and extreme poverty persist, leaving women and girls vulnerable to systemic violence and murder. AWEN actively participated in the protest against oppression and patriarchal institutions, advocating for the freedom of all women. The following demands were put forth:

Freedom to live a life without violence, in safety
Freedom to challenge and break gender stereotypes
Freedom to enjoy decent working conditions and equal pay
Freedom to rest and prioritize self-care
Freedom to organize within unions, collectives, and community groups
Freedom to embrace one's true self
Freedom to think and act autonomously
Freedom to envision and effect personal and global change
Freedom to love without restrictions

Protection of criminal victims

During the last 6 months, AWEN has been defending 19 victims of criminal offenses in the District Courts. All cases have experienced crimes of gender-based violence against them and their family members.