Presentation of the study "Status of women in employment, education, and professional training in Albania"

On September 16, AWEN organized the presentation of the study titled "Status of women in employment, education, and professional training in Albania." The event commenced with an introduction to the project and emphasized the significance of women's economic empowerment as a crucial factor for achieving gender equality. It was highlighted that the indicators for women in the workplace in Albania lag behind those of the region and fall below the European Union average.

During the presentation, a four-level analysis (meta, macro, meso, and micro) was conducted, and some of the most significant findings were shared with the participants. Infographics, prepared using the study data, were also presented. The event concluded with open discussion.

This study was conducted as part of the regional initiative "Advancement of Gender Equality through the EU accession process," implemented by "Reactor - Research in Action" and its partners. It was financed by the European Union and co-financed by the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (Sida).

Protection of criminal victims

During the last 6 months, AWEN has been defending 19 victims of criminal offenses in the District Courts. All cases have experienced crimes of gender-based violence against them and their family members.