More women have become included in decision making positions in central and local levels


"Promotion of women's rights and gender equality"

Implementation period: January 2020-November 2022

Supported by: Austrian Development Agency

Through this intervention has been achieved:

Improved networking with a focus on the integration of gender issues in the EU accession process.
Increasing the participation of local groups working in the field of women's rights in the EU accession processes.
Decision-making institutions bear more responsibility—politically and financially—for gender mainstreaming in the EU accession process.


“Empowering women for participation in decision-making and political life in eight different districts of Albania, as a key change for a democratic development”

Implementation period: January 2013 - June 2013

Supported by: Mediterranean Women's Fund

This project marks an important result together with the contribution of the network for advocacy and lobbying, for increased participation of women in decision-making and politics.


Protection of criminal victims

During the last 6 months, AWEN has been defending 19 victims of criminal offenses in the District Courts. All cases have experienced crimes of gender-based violence against them and their family members.