The analysis will strive to identify areas of improvements to mainstream these policies so as to target those most in need. The following assessment looks at three main levels of analysis, a meta-analysis of norms and gender roles that influence the economic status of women, e macro analysis of laws and policies that target gender equality in gender and women’s economic empowerment in particular; e meso analysis of institutions and actors in charge of gender equality and economic policies to better understand existing capacities and gaps that need to be filled; as well as a micro analysis of the specific target group, women and girls’ situation in the labour market and STEM specifically. The analysis concludes with targeted recommendations for each of the levels of analysis and a roadmap for gender transformative actions in this area.

Protection of criminal victims

During the last 6 months, AWEN has been defending 19 victims of criminal offenses in the District Courts. All cases have experienced crimes of gender-based violence against them and their family members.