Evaluation of Sida’s Support to Albanian Women Empowerment Network


This report presents an evaluation of Sida’s support to Albanian Women’s Empowerment Network (AWEN) from 2019 until March 2022. The objective of the evaluation was to assess AWEN’s intervention Protection and promotion of women rights in Albania by using the evaluation criteria of relevance, coherence, effectiveness, impact, efficiency, and sustainability, as well as “Other issues” focusing on poverty reduction, transparency, and accountability, and to provide recommendations as an input to upcoming discussions on future support to women rights defenders in Albania. The evaluation found that AWEN’s strategic approach overall remains relevant. It has been an active and influential advocacy actor concerning gender equality and has contributed to legal and other public policy changes in this area, in particular in relation to GBV. It has also contributed to strengthening the advocacy action of its members as well as of other civil society organisations concerned with women’s rights. AWEN has moreover expanded its geographic and thematic focus during the programme period. However, with the expansion follows a risk of diluting its resources and the expertise it has on issues of GBV.


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