Woman Forum, Elbasan

Woman Forum Elbasan is an association established in August 1991, and was created as an association with membership. The organization implements its activities in Elbasan Region and has the right to extend them all over Albania.

The specific profile of the organization is based on issues and problems of women particularly those with problems of violence, of different ages, levels of various denominations from urban and rural areas and to increase women’s participation in public life, especially in politics and in decision making.

Parts of the target group of the organization are also men since their presence on the problems of women and girls affects the treatment, alleviation of solving problems by gender. The organization has a good working experience for women’s rights, direct service delivery to girls and women in need, training capacity, and management and specific services providers. The organization assists yearly more than 180 cases through psychological and legal counseling.

Mission of the association is the protection of women rights, their legal representation before the justice, the establishment of the Advocate Studio, Counseling Centers for abused women and girls and establishment of emergency shelter; Increase of women awareness for the role and rights they have in society and family; The education and protection of the reproduction right; The encouragement and inclusion of women in the business. The vision of the association is the protection, guaranteeing and promoting women in social life.

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