Woman to Woman, Shkodra

WOMAN to WOMAN in Shkodra was founded in 2002 by a group of women that have had a long experience in the field of support to women and girls, victims of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and trafficking.

The organization aim is: To sensitize public opinion and to increase public awareness on phenomena such as violence towards children, women & girls, and violence and human trafficking in our country; to help in changing the state of abused women, girls & children and to make possible the creation of a powerful and functional network that will operate in order to help them; to raise the public image of woman, her presence in the public life and the empowerment of women in defending their rights; to establish collaboration relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations, in order to realize its goals; woman’s emancipation and support of women in need; to change the condition of violated women and girls, to raise the public image and increase their presence in the social life as well as their empowerment in defense of their interests; to sensitize the public opinion about the phenomena of violence towards women, girls and human trafficking in our country; to collaborate with other governmental and non-governmental organizations inside and outside the country in the accomplishment of our goals.

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