Open letter

Today is the 101 Anniversary of International Women’s Day. About a hundred years ago women left their jobs in factories and took to the streets to protest over low wages, job insecurity, inhuman working conditions and the overall violence exercised against them. One hundred years later women still do not enjoy equal rights and towards them are exercised various forms of violence.

On behalf of AWEN – Albanian Women Empowerment Network, on behalf of the organizations that we represent and on behalf of hundreds of girls and women that we strive to help every day, we join to greet the efforts of women across the country that work to bring the change through peaceful, non-violent and inclusive actions and who fight for their rights throughout the country.

We demand the full participation of women and assuming their leadership roles in processes such as: commitment and participation in politics, denouncing and combating all forms of violence, fair and secure employment.

We encourage all women’s organizations and various state structures to engage and implement comprehensive processes in informing, developing and implementing the National Action Plan of 1325 UN Resolution (Women, Peace and Security), and the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). These plans should integrate the approach and implementation of human rights.

We have as a common duty to ensure that women and girls, particularly those who are vulnerable, have equal opportunities to develop and use all their potential.
Promises made so far by the government to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women must be accomplished!

Albanian Women Empowerment Network will continue the work to support and help vulnerable women and girls in the areas where we operate and will continue to strive to ensure the empowerment of women in the Albanian society in all directions.

AWEN – Albanian Women Empowerment Network

Association of Women and Girls with social problems, Durrës

Gender Alliance for Development Center, Tirana

Psycho- Social center “Vatra”, Vlora

Women’s Forum, Elbasan

Woman To Woman, Shkodra

Agritra Vision, Peshkopia

Me, the woman, Pogradeci

Association “Jona”, Saranda