Welcome AWEN

Albanian Women Empowerment Network is a non-profit organization, informally established in 2009. Our network works in the field of protection of human rights, in particular of the rights of women and girls. The main aim of this network is the social, economic, cultural and politic empowerment of Albanian women. The network consists of 9 organizations which are located in all districts of Albania from north to south, and specifically:

  1. Gender Alliance Center for Development (GADC)
  2. Counseling Line for Girls and Women – Tirana.
  3.  Assosiation of Women with Social Problems, Durres
  4. Me, the woman, Pogradec
  5. Agritra Vision, Dibra
  6. Woman to Woman, Shkodra
  7. Woman Forum, Elbasan
  8. Psyco-social center “The Hearth”, Vlora
  9. “Jona” Association, Saranda
  10. Qendra për Nisma Ligjore Qytetare, Tiranë, Vlorë