Participation of AWEN coordinator as a representative of AWEN network at AWID Forum-Istanbul-Turkey, April, 2012

AWID – Association for Women Rights in Development has organized the 12th forum this year with the theme: Transforming the economic power to advance women rights

The Forum lasted four days and it was organized in different sessions located in the Congress center. Some of the main themes organized in the Forum were:

  • Economic Empowerment of Women;
  • Job and Employment;
  • The Role of the State;
  • Themes on the sexuality, especially on the LGBTQI rights;
  • The Global financial crises and its effect on women; ;
  • Capacity building for Economics and women rights;
  • Access and control in possible resources;
  • Culture and Religion, etc.

The AWID Forum organizers have made possible for the participants to register and be a member of AWID if interested. AWEN has been registered for a two year period and has become one of the member organizations of AWID which are located all over the world.

On 22 April, on Sunday, which was the last day of the Forum, in Taksim Square in Istanbul it was organized an immense protest in support of all women rights from all over the world.