Gender Alliance Center for Development (GADC)

Gender Alliance for Development Center in Tirana, (GADC) is a non-profit and experienced organization, established in 1995, working for almost 15 years. During this time GADC has successfully implemented more than 70 projects. GADC works mainly in the fields of gender mainstreaming, EU integration, economic empowerment, governance, gender budgeting, violence against women, education, and media.

GADC works towards equality between women and men in Albania and realize this goal through advocacy, lobbying and training. With advocacy and lobbying GADC aims to improve the gender balance in decision making and prevent the discrimination against women.

Through training GADC aims to spread its knowledge on gender and empower women. GADC maintains a library focused on gender. The library currently holds more than 2000 volumes on gender issues in psychology, sociology, political sciences and social work; to name a few. The library is open to the public and is the only one of its kind in Albania.

The GADC mission is fulfilled through: collecting and processing opinions and views of groups that benefit from the planning, implementation and evaluation of different projects; raising the awareness of different groups on gender issues, while providing them with a new perspective; addressing problems that Albanian women face in different areas, such as: poverty, low participation in decision-making, domestic violence, trafficking, low access for information, gathering, processing and distributing information on social issues; consolidating the network of collaborators all over Albania; studying social problems from a gender perspective; promoting and supporting women participation in decision-making; increasing the beneficiaries’ number (organizations and individuals) through expanding and improving services provided.