Psyco-social center “The Hearth”, Vlora

“Vatra” Psycho-Social Centre in Vlore is an Albanian non-profit organization, which provides services and expertise for the prevention and protection of victims of trafficking, and domestic and community violence.

“Vatra” Psycho-Social Centre started its activity as an institution in 1999. Since 2004 and afterwards, “Vatra” Psycho- Social Centre has been licensed every three years from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities as a Centre for the provision of residential and community services.

The mission of “Vatra” Psycho-Social Centre is to prevent trafficking in human beings and domestic violence, protect and provide social inclusion to the victims of these phenomena by means of information, education and advocacy programmes, and community and residential social services.

The target groups supported by “Vatra” Psycho-Social Centre include vulnerable groups, especially women, girls, young people and children. The main aspects of the work of the Centre include: prevention of trafficking in human beings and domestic violence, and the problems giving rise to these phenomena; rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking and domestic violence; building capacities for the representatives of public and private institutions regarding issues of human trafficking and violence against women, girls and children; lobbying and advocacy to protect the rights of women and girls.

During the last 3 years, “Vatra” has provided accommodation, rehabilitation and reintegration services approximately to 560 girls, women and children.

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