Status of implementaion of the cedaw committee concluding observations

Period: since the assessment of the third periodic report of Albania July 2010 – until November 2012

Prepared by: Prof. Dr.Arta Mandro

This analysis of the status of the measures taken to implement the concluding observations (hereinafter CO) of CEDAW Committee, is carried out by active actors of the civil society in order to precede step by step the fulfilment of the obligations this committee has set to the Albanian Government. This document puts things on the balance after more than two years from the issuance of the concluding observations . A previous report has put these (non)/implementations on the balance a year after the issuance of the concluding observations. The comparison between these two documents might indicate the progress of this process in the qualitative and quantitative aspects. We notice that there are a series of positive actions especially in the legislation field that need to be congratulated. This analysis shall serve as a work plan and measures to be taken so that the next report of the government [the fourth] and the shadow or alternative report of the civil society shall be a process based on the real situation and possibly on a positive balance of the results.