Me, the woman, Pogradec

“Me, the woman” – Pogradec is a non-for profit, non-political and non-religious organization, registered under the Albanian law as local association in the year 2003.

The association “Me the woman” is contributing very hard toward improving the social and political equality between women and man. The strategy of the association targets the following areas: equal opportunities for women; minimize violence and abuse toward women; empower women in rural areas; increase women participation in decision-making and policy setting; establish effective information sharing regarding women’s issues to inform women; create and maintain sustainable partnerships all over the region; be a model association in national level; to be self-sustaining organization.

The activities of the association include: counseling services, training, public awareness raising, information dissemination, encouraging women to actively participate in decision-making, monitoring local government decisions from a gender perspective, and leading advocacy and lobbying campaigns at the local and national levels.

The association closely collaborates with all-important stakeholders including: local government, local organizations, national and cross-border organizations, local media, local and national businesses, by establishing and maintaining effective communication systems and effectively sharing resources and information.