Awareness campaign in Dibër Municipality

During the months of June and July, AWEN, in collaboration with Agritra-Vizion, conducted an ongoing series of meetings and awareness campaigns in Dibër Municipality. These gatherings involved women and men, as well as boys and girls, from various groups within the community. Participants included high school students, teachers, community members in the administrative units, and representatives from the Social Service office in Dibër Municipality.

The primary objective of these meetings was to raise community awareness about domestic violence and bullying in schools, emphasizing their consequences for families and society as a whole. Special attention was given to disseminating information about the rights of survivors of violence, as outlined in the law on measures against domestic violence. The impact of these meetings was the establishment of connections and collaborations between students, institutional representatives, and organizations. This collaboration will facilitate the process of identifying and referring cases of ongoing violence. In order to reach a wider audience, leaflets and other informative materials regarding violence and local support mechanisms for victims were distributed.

These meetings were organized as part of the project "Strengthening the coordinated response of service providers from the police, health, education, and local government sectors to manage cases related to all forms of violence against women, in accordance with CEDAW standards and the Istanbul Convention." The project is funded by the European Union, supported by UN Women, and implemented by AWEN.

Protection of criminal victims

During the last 6 months, AWEN has been defending 19 victims of criminal offenses in the District Courts. All cases have experienced crimes of gender-based violence against them and their family members.